[users] Bug in Geany 0.11 on CentOS 5

Dries Verachtert dries at ulyssis.org
Tue Jul 10 23:00:22 CEST 2007

On Monday July 2 2007, Devin Henderson wrote:
> Morning folks,
> A new geany package was recently added (by dries, dag tells me),
> geany-0.11-1.el5.rf. I've noticed that geany is no longer providing
> pop-up function information for PHP files. Typically, after you type
> something like
> strpos(
> A tooltip will pop up showing the structure of the function:
> int strpos ( string needle, string haystack [, int offset])
> But these pop-ups are no longer there. Autocompletion for function
> names still works, however. Should I report this bug to the geany
> project or can we fix the rpmforge package to recover tool tip
> support? For now I've gone back to 0.10.2-1.

When i type 'strpos(' and then hit ctrl-shift-space, i still get that popup 
which shows the arguments of the function. Does this also work for you? If 
yes: i guess it's somewhere an option to enable/disable displaying this popup 
automatically but i can't find it. Maybe you better ask this on the geany 
kind regards,

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