[users] selfupdating packages

rance at frontiernet.net rance at frontiernet.net
Wed Jul 25 14:18:19 CEST 2007

I have a question about the "proper" way to handle sofware that  
updates itself.

For example, I run clamav, which I installed via rpm from rpmforge.

One of the rpm deps was clamav-db.

clamav includes a utility called "freshclam" that updates the  
antivirus db several times each day.

when I issue a "yum update" from my centos box clamav-db gets  
installed as an update, but it is possible that the rpm update  
actually "undoes" any freshclam update to a newer version of the db  
than when the updated rpm was originally made.

These options I know are available:

1) configure my local copy of yum (or other package tools I use) to  
ignore updates of the form "clamav-db*"

2) create my own rpm with a dummy spec file that just says that it  
"Provides" the clamav db but in fact does not.  but that version  
number would never be updated, and then rest of them clamav packages  
would install fine.

Is there another option that is available?

What should I do to address this issue?

I've used clamav as the specific example, but there are other tools  
that have self-updating sections like clamav.  So the question I asked  
is more generalized.

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