[suggest] GIS packages for RPMForge

Dayne Broderson dayne at alaska.edu
Sat Jun 30 02:49:30 CEST 2007

Greetings RPMForgers,

I've been a user of RPMForge for a few years now (and the repos that 
joined together to create RPMForge). Many thanks for this resource.

I'm interested in helping expand the GIS packages made available via 
RPMForge.  Right now it is kind of hit and miss for being able to get all 
the various packages needed to do things like postgis and mapserver.

The packages I find myself wishing I could just 'yum install' are:
 	proj     # in C4's extras so should be easy
 	geos     # not in any, but i got a working spec file
 	mapserv  # haven't started on this one yet
 	gdal     # this one is in FC extras but not c4 extras
                  # most it's dependancies are in c4 extras

So, I figured I'd volunteer to help get this stuff working in Centos5.

Right now I'm approaching this task in this order:
   * yum install any deps I can find in RPMForge
   * find centos4 specs and rebuild the package for c5
   * find another spec (from somebody) and make it work on my c5 box

I've just started trying to document this process on here:

If the RPMForge packagers have suggestions or would like to point me in 
the correct direction for becoming a contributer or making this happen in 
a smooth way that would be great.

-- dayne broderson, dayne at alaska.edu

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