[users] clamav/clamd selinux problems

Rodrigo Barbosa rodrigob at darkover.org
Thu Jun 14 18:58:01 CEST 2007

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On Thu, Jun 14, 2007 at 01:52:07PM -0300, Rodrigo Barbosa wrote:
> While trying to use rf's packages for clamav/clamd on a CentOS 5
> box with selinux (targeted) enabled, I ran into several problems.
> These problems where solved with the following type enforcement file.
> Hope you find it useful.
> ===CUT===
> module clamd 1.0.2;

Ok, sorry about that. That te file still didn't solve all the problems
(freshclam this time). New one:

module clamd 1.0.5;

require {
        class dir { read search write add_name remove_name};
        class file { read write create getattr lock unlink };
        class sock_file { create unlink write };
        type auditd_log_t;
        type clamd_t;
        type semanage_t;
        type sysctl_kernel_t;
        type useradd_t;
        type var_log_t;
        type var_t;
        type tmp_t;
        role system_r;

allow clamd_t sysctl_kernel_t:dir search;
allow clamd_t sysctl_kernel_t:file read;
allow semanage_t auditd_log_t:dir search;
allow useradd_t var_log_t:file { read write };
allow clamd_t var_t:file { create getattr lock write read unlink };
allow clamd_t var_t:dir { read write add_name remove_name};
allow clamd_t tmp_t:sock_file { create unlink write };

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