[users] Mrepo (with Redhat) works on one but not the other?

Camron W. Fox cwfox at us.fujitsu.com
Fri Mar 9 23:36:43 CET 2007


	I have been testing mrepo for CentOS4.4 i386 and x86_64 and RHEL4ES 
i386 and x86_64.
	After successfully building it on our test machine, I have put it out 
on the target machine, however, the downloads from Redhat fail from the 
target box with the following errors with :

[root at c221 rhel4es-x86_64]# mrepo -uvvvvv rhel4es-x86_64
Verbosity set to level 3
Using RHN systemid from /var/mrepo/rhel4es-x86_64/systemid
Using RHN release 4ES

BEFORE LOGIN: logininfo: {}

AFTER LOGIN: logininfo: {'X-RHN-Auth-Server-Time': '1173476880.44', 
'X-RHN-Auth': 'JIKQxY1PrRu9al3T4p4XEw==', 'X-RHN-Server-Id': 1007106393, 
'X-RHN-Auth-Channels': [['rhel-x86_64-es-4', '20070308113700', '1', 
'1'], ['rhel-x86_64-es-4-sdk', '20050215000419', '0', '1'], 
['rhel-x86_64-es-4-extras', '20070207145740', '0', '1'], 
['rhel-4-es-x86_64-rhaps-2', '20061024122435', '0', '1'], 
['rhel-4-es-x86_64-rhds-2.1', '20050915172926', '0', '1'], 
['rhel-x86_64-es-4-fastrack', '20070208145915', '0', '1'], 
['rhel-x86_64-es-4-webapp-1-beta', '20060415110847', '0', '1']], 
'X-RHN-Auth-User-Id': '', 'X-RHN-Auth-Expire-Offset': '3600.0'}

rhnget: "Unknown error that needs more debugging occured with channel 
rhel-x86_64-es-4-extras. Skipping.\n'up2date'"
mrepo: Mirroring failed for rhns:///rhel-x86_64-es-4-extras with message:
   Failed with return code: 256

	Both boxes are x86_64 machines running CentOS4.4. The /etc/mrepo.conf 
and /etc/mrepo.conf.d/rhel4es.conf files are identical. Both systemid 
files are identical.
	Anyone have any ideas?

Best Regards,

Camron W. Fox
Hilo Office
High Performance Computing Group
Fujitsu America, INC.
E-mail:		cwfox at us.fujitsu.com

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