[users] Dropping the repotag

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Thu Mar 15 20:47:01 CET 2007

On Thu, 15 Mar 2007, Matthias Saou wrote:

> Dag Wieers wrote :
> > > Why do you "feel the need to do this"? You no longer want to "play
> > > nice"? Are there any technical reasons behind the change? Just
> > > curious...
> > 
> > No, I prefer a repotag if everyone plays nice. If EPEL does not add a 
> > repotag, I don't think they should be having the advantages that we do 
> > play nice. Sorry, but I'm tired of the arrogance.
> > 
> > Apparently, if I do the request I am one person with a wish, and everyone 
> > by default is against it. On the other hand, RPMforge has all the RHEL 
> > users and EPEL has none. But that doesn't make a difference, because I am 
> > the only one that wants a repotag.
> > 
> > To summarize, if only *me* wants a repotag, than why have it at all ?
> > 
> > Sorry matthias, the arrogance and ignorance is tiring me off. I do not 
> > want special treatement, but I also do not want to opposite.
> I looked at the EPEL list (I need to catch up on days of posts...), and
> saw what you're referring to :
> https://www.redhat.com/archives/epel-devel-list/2007-March/msg00224.html
> Maybe I've missed some posts prior to that, but I'm sorry to say that
> regarding "arrogance", you started with quite a bit yourself :-( (which
> is never the best start to get people to listen carefully and eventually
> change their mind)

We've been through this with Fedora Extras. When Fedora Extras was not 
part of core and when Fedora Extras was many times smaller in amount of 
packages and userbase.

Sorry Matthias, I do not expect anyone to change their minds anymore.
And even when I'm no longer the 'only supporter' for a repotag, the Fedora 
Packaging committee already decided about EPEL apparently.

At least I got some proper reactions this time :)

> I, myself, don't really see the need for repotags. Sure, it's nice to
> indicate at the first glance where the package came from, but it's
> clearly an abuse of the release tag. Just like the "disttag" is, both
> are just as bad in that regard, but from a usability POV, I find it more
> important to know what distro/version a package is for, than from where
> it came. Especially since the "packager" and "buildhost" tags are much
> easier to see (rpm -qi) than the "distribution" one (which doesn't have
> any sane build time default anyhow).
> I dropped the repotag from my freshrpms packages a while back, mostly
> because I got tired of the usual "Why are all your packages only in
> French? Where can I get English versions?" emails, and because after we
> started adding the disttags, file names were getting a bit too long and
> confusing IMHO.

I was surprised to get a reaction from you since I knew you were not in 
favor of repotags in the first place.

> Lastly, I fail to see what rpmforge has to do with EPEL when it comes
> to repotags, and why one's decision would influence the other? Either :
> - rpmforge and EPEL shouldn't be used together
> - rpmforge and EPEL should be used together, so no duplicates

You still think in the 'one repo rules them all' philosophy. The 
limitations of Yum have invaded your brain as well :)

I'm still in favor of the coexistence of repositories and the freedom of 
the user to define a policy to what package comes from which repository or 
is updated to what version.

We obviously have different use cases. (even for RHEL)

> And in both cases, one having a repotag and the other not shouldn't be
> an issue at all :-)

The fact that all other players have a repotag plays in the advantage of 
EPEL. I reject that fact as it is not fair. Again, EPEL is not a first 
class citizen. And there are many arguments to make for a repotag for EPEL 
for the same reasons we have a repotag for RPMforge. Nevertheless, I'm 
sure it will not be introduced so I don't see why I should be nice.

Hey, why can't we use Fedora policies ? :)

Kind regards,
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