[packagers] Re: [users] Dropping the repotag

Morten Kjeldgaard mok at bioxray.dk
Sat Mar 17 17:49:44 CET 2007

I find the repotag extremely useful, and I am sorry to see it go. FWIW,
I intend to keep the repotag on my own repo, which AFAIK is used by
pretty much no-one except our own site ;-) . My repo extends CentOS &
RPMforge and is 100% compatible (I hope).

WRT the "let the thousand repos blossom" discussion, I think that point
is moot. I find only ONE repo that does not step on other's toes and
that is RPMforge. If you remember my fruitless debate with Rex Dieter a
while back when he started providing fftw in version 3 (tsk tsk tsk) you
will see at what point I lost faith in the multi-repo idea.

I have since rebuilt Rex's SRPMs in RPMforge-compatible dependency
mode(*) without problems -- the packages are excellent (thanks Rex) --
and the kde repotag was quite useful in identifying and wiping the
kde-redhat packages from our systems ;-)

My hope is that RPMforge will develop to be for RHEL what universe and
multiverse is to Ubuntu: namely everything that the mother distribution
is not. To that end it is necessary to have more than 3 packagers, and
to involve an efficient infrastructure that allows for automatic
building (and testing) of packages.

With only 3 active packagers in RPMforge and no published packaging
policy, RPMforge will eventually be overtaken by "third class citizens"
who rename and renumber and epoch packages in a complete erratic,
incompatible and incompetent manner. If that happens, I foresee that I
will be spending my valuable time on stupid dependency problems and
recompiling packages to solve them, and that will mean hello Debian for me.


*) i.e. depends on RPMforge packages if they exist

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