[users] Dropping the repotag

Kjeldgaard Morten mok at bioxray.dk
Sun Mar 18 22:05:12 CET 2007

> I think EPEL should use repotag, as every repo has done for years.
> If EPEL want to solve the problem you are explaining, then EPEL  
> should talk with
> every repo and find a global and elegant solution.(if there is one  
> and if there is the need for one)
> Meanwhile, EPEL should play nice and follow the current and  
> implemented rules that says:
> just use a repotag!
> (It just make your filename 2 to 4 letters longer!)
> My point of view ...

Hear! Hear!

This discussion is kinda strange. Except a few die-hards campaining  
against the repotag, it seems that most participants in the  
discussion support it. So, what's the point? Lots of people find the  
repotag useful and convienient, so why not just keep it? I think this  
discussion arose because Dag got pissed off at the lack of response  
from the EPEL developers list, but you got lots of support in this  
forum, Dag, so liven up and focus on your great work! Lots of people  
stand behind you and RPMforge, and could not continue to use RHEL  
without it.

My suggestion is not to wait for EPEL, but to start expanding  
RPMforge with new packages. These fruitless discussions are a waste  
of time, and if people cannot come to terms on the trivial problems,  
how can you expect to come to agreement about more important issues?   
As Oliver said, it would suit EPEL with a bit more humility when  
moving into an area that is already cultivated by others.


-- Morten

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