[users] Manifest out of date?

Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Sun Nov 4 22:15:24 CET 2007

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If I read the manifest (http://rpmforge.net/manifest.php) it does not
mention a repository. Yet I think most of us will think of rpmforge
mostly as a repository.

And there are other things on the website that are not entirely clear.
Perhaps someone can try to look at the website as an average use who
want to find details about the repository. Even the way to add it to
your own system is hidden deep inside the menu tree. While I think it
should propably the front page or at least be a direct link from there.

And I am not very encouraged by a binary package for FC4 as the way to
add the repository. Frankly I would look for something else if I was
looking for something for Centos 5 of Fedora 8.

I know Fedora 8 is on the brink of being published so I think people are
trying to steamroll packages ready for Fedora 8 for a while. But it
would be nice if someone can do an overhaul of the webpages and perhaps
a better package to add the repository.

Beside the challenge to try to get MailScanner roled into a fitting
package and added to rpmforge I might help out in other ways.


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