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Maulvi Bakar maulvi at maulvi.net
Mon Nov 5 19:37:25 CET 2007

Dear all

I am having a bit trouble in getting the repoview to work.  I am using the
repoview from rpmforge, specifically the el5.  I've been getting "No yum
parsing routines found. Please see README." errors.  I am getting this error
when I'm configuring and running mrepo.

Even when I simply run "# repoview" from shell (independent from mrepo), I
still get the same error.

I thought it might be the python-celementtree as opposed to
python-elementtree, so I've tried the
python-elementtree-1.2.6-7.el5.test.i386.rpm from dag's which according to
the release notes - "This package also includes the C implementation,

Please note, I couldn't replace python-elementtree with python-celementtree
from rpmforge as repoview itself requires python-elementtree and even after
using the python-elementtree-1.2.6-7.el5.test.i386.rpm, it is still no go.

The error message told me to read the repoview's README, which I did but it
didn't seem to provide additional info.  Even followed the 'requirements'
instructions, but somehow I don't that's the one either..  I'm attaching the
relevant parts of the README below..

Please help!


]# cat /usr/share/doc/repoview-0.5.2/README
This is a small software written to parse yum repositories and present them
in a
format that's easily browsable via http by creating a set of static HTML

* Kid templating engine (0.6.3 or above)
* Yum 2.3 or above. If you don't have yum, or can't easily install that
  of yum on your machine, get a copy of yum-2.4.x or yum-2.5.x
  (http://linux.duke.edu/projects/yum/), and do the following:
  - create a directory called "noyum" either in the subdirectory of this
    or in /usr/lib/python2.x/site-packages.
  - from the yum tree, copy the files yum/comps.py, yum/mdparser.py,
    repomd/mdErrors.py, repomd/repoMDObject.py (and yum/constants.py
    if using yum-2.5.x) into the noyum directory
  - in the noyum directory, run "touch __init__.py"
  You will need to make sure you install python-elementtree.

NB: New-style comps.xml require yum libraries version 2.5 and above.

Konstantin Ryabitsev <icon at fedoraproject.org>


This software is copyright (C) 2005 by Duke University
This software is copyright (C) 2006 by McGill University
For licensing and copying information see COPYING.

See repoview(8) or repoview --help.
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