[suggest] perl-Template-Toolkit and perl-Template-Plugin-GD

Dave Miller justdave at mozilla.com
Sat Oct 6 09:12:41 CEST 2007

Dave Miller wrote on 10/6/07 3:09 AM:
> Bugzilla also has an optional prereq for Template::Plugin::GD, which
> used to be included in the main Template Toolkit distribution until
> version 2.14, after which it became an independent tarball (and thus
> it's no longer included in rpmforge, since rpmforge has version 2.15).
> Attached is also a spec file for perl-Template-Plugin-GD.  It'd be great
> to get this included in rpmforge.

Forgot to mention I cloned this spec from perl-Template-Plugin-Class and
modified to make it build/package correctly -- so some of the details at
the top (packager/authority/etc) may not be accurate, fix as you like ;)

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