[suggest] ProFTPD v1.3.1 stable released

Michael Mansour mic at npgx.com.au
Sat Oct 6 17:54:00 CEST 2007

Hi Dag,

> On Sun, 7 Oct 2007, Michael Mansour wrote:
> > Finally the stable version has been released:
> >
> > http://www.proftpd.org/
> >
> > The spec file has been updated in the package and I've tested it and it's
> > working fine.
> >
> > Can rpmforge supply the latest please?
> Coincidently I was working on it right now :)

:) me too, just on a test server. I was going to roll it out into production
but thought it better to request it first.

I've been running 1.3.1rc2 then rc3 since their release, as they fixed some
bugs which I needed in my environment. Now those bugs are fixed, I doubt I'll
move from 1.3.1 stable anytime soon so better to go back to rpmforge again for
supply of the package.

> The hardest part is validating the existing patches.

Yeah, I just ran it through a test server without any validation.

On a side note, have you had a chance to look at rkhunter 1.3.0?

I've been installing that from source as far back as the early 1.2.x days, but
wish to now go RPM with it and delete the tarball installed files. This new
release is alot better than the 1.2.x series and doesn't require the
hashupd.sh script whenever an update in the OS release is done.

Thanks for all your hard work Dag.


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