[suggest] Fw: [milter-greylist] milter-greylist 4.0 released

Michael Mansour mic at npgx.com.au
Tue Oct 30 08:07:20 CET 2007


Just a notify that the latest 4.0 stable has just been released.



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Subject: {Disarmed} [milter-greylist] milter-greylist 4.0 released

After a few months of code settleing, here is milter-greylist 4.0

MD5 (milter-greylist-4.0.tgz) = 2834933b27298d30630eea621cbfdcf5

Thank to all the contributors and early testers that helped pushing it out.

Changes since previous stable release:

        More 4.0 features examples to default greylist.conf
        Fix %E and %R format substitution that sometime returned bogus results
        Report time taken by DNSRBL and urlcheck lookups (Benoit Branciard)
        Document milter timeouts, RPM generation
        Add 4.0 features examples to default greylist.conf
        Update contributor list
        Accept --disable-dnsrbl without a bug
        Fix message size when multiple messages are sent in one session
        Do not build fd_pool.c if it is not used
        Add missing bits for Solaris 256 stream limitation workaround
        Fix build problem on Solaris
        Documentation fix (Tim Mooney)
        Warn in README that bison may be required for buidling
        Fix configure error on Solaris (Tim Mooney)
        Workaround for Solaris 256 stream limitation (Johann E. Klasek)
        Fix spelling errors (Nerijus Baliunas)
        Restore build for systems like Tru64 where ld does not acccept -R
        Cleanup temporary file after DB dump failure (Johann E. Klasek)
        Handle libc that fails stdio without setting errno (Johann E. Klasek)
        Fixes the usage of the thread-proof resolver library (Johann E. Klasek)
        Do not quit on non fatal errors (Johann E. Klasek)
        Display ACL when matching whitelist ACL (Benoit Branciard)
        Add troubleshooting in README (Rogier Maas)
        Treat protocol errors in urlcheck clauses as temporary failures
        Report missing SPF reasons in X-Greylist (Benoit Branciard)
        Allow building objects outside of source directory (Mattheu Herrb)
        Fix configure LDFLAG generation, -R was missing (Mattheu Herrb)
        Fix MX sync on Solaris (Mattheu Herrb)
        Add checks against libmilter giving us NULL private structure
        Properly reset message filters when handling MAIL FROM after DATA
        Allow rcpt clause in dacl statement, as documented
        Add google pools to default greylist.conf
        Add hooks for libdmalloc
        Improve debug message (Yaroslav Boychuk)
        Improve GeoIP status report in X-Greylist (Hideki ONO)
        Avoid GeoIP reporting "--" for broken domain (Bernhard Schneider )
        Fix run-away string (AIDA Shinra)
        Check for libbind9 if libbind cannot be found (Fabien Tassin)
        Document ACL on TLS DN (Fabien Tassin)
        Avoid spurious exit on DATA stage ACL match for multiple recipients
        Don't use YY_FLUSH_BUFFER, use flush_buffer() instead (AIDA Shinra)
        Fix upgrade pitfal, where write access to the PID file is missing
        Back out a Debian build fix that broke other systems
        Add an urlcheck reply which is ignored: milterGreylistIgnore
        Build fixes for Debian (Bernhard Schneider)
        Add a configure flag to not use --rpath (Bernhard Schneider)
        Cleanup stale PID file on startup (Bernhard Schneider)
        Fix memory leak with DNSRBL (Michael Fromme)
        For urlcheck answer, cope with a trailing line not terminated by CR
        Fix X-Greylist lossage (AIDA Shinra)
        Fix garbled log (Bernhard Schneider)
        Fix build on Tru64 (Attila Bruncsak)
        Fix again an accept-all-bug when built with SPF (AIDA Shinra)
        Fix macro handling in ACL (AIDA Shinra)
        %% syntax in format strings (AIDA Shinra)
        Clarified "%Xm" and "%Xh" semantics (AIDA Shinra)
        Fixed a memory leak at mlfi_eom (AIDA Shinra)
        Fix a bug where doing RCPT twice when blacklised succeed (AIDA Shinra)
        Allow filtering on the HELO string
        Back out previous SPF fix, it caused accept-all with SPF-less builds
        Fix an accept-all-bug when built with SPF (AIDA Shinra)
        Option to perform urlchecks in forked instance to avoid thread-unsafety
        Allow escaping of " in strings and / in regex
        Fix whitelisting using access.db (Georg Horn)
        Fix NULL pointer referencing in urlcheck code
        Fix body storage so that locators (^ and $) work for body regex
        Fix spurious warning about unknown whitelisting conditions
        Fix memory leaks when using urlchecks
        Makes urlcheck properties and values case insensitives
        Do not retain urlcheck properties if the urlcheck clause did not match
        Allow loading regex in lists of body clauses
        Option to clear urlcheck prop before handling a new recipient
        %D format string for getting the list of matching DNSRBL
        Avoid performing multiple DNSRBL checks for the same IP
        Allow reusing in the ACL of properties gathered from urlcheck
        Fix wrong display of %Xc %Xe and %Xh substitutions
        Fix documentation: %Xh instead of %Xr
        stat should not report X-Greylist header is message was rejected
        Fix a documentation bug: sender e-mail is %f, not %s
        More format strings, for SMTP code, extended code, message, header
        Fix a crash when using regex without grouping ()
        Document the CVS location in README
        Fix double free when using content filtering
        ACL clauses can now be negated
        msg clauses in ACL can use format strings substitution
        Add an ACL clause to customize X-Greylist header
        Fix serious bugs in DNSRBL code (Jacques Beigbeder)
        Fix a display bug for netblocks
        Add a time clause to match against time sets
        GeoIP support, through the geoip clause
        Fix warning for Postfix build (Nerijus Baliunas)
        %g for substitution by regex back references
        %I for susbtitution by sender IP masked by a CIDR
        Allow specifying socket mode in config file
        Set default user to root for .spec file
        Do not drop root privs if we do not run as root
        Add support for switching to a given group (Ralf S. Engelschall)
        Add substitutions for sendmail macro and strftime in URL checks
        Add custom logs of milter-greylist actions, see stat in greylist.conf
        Fixes for running with Postfix (Nerijus Baliunas)
        Fix configure problem with DNSRBL on Linux (Andrew McGill)
        Document how to use milter-greylist with Postfix (Nerijus Baliunas)
        Update .spec for Postfix (Nerijus Baliunas)
        Optionnaly post the message body to an URL check at DATA stage
        Integrate SPF, SMTP AUTH and STARTTLS in ACL
        Add msgsize and rcptcount clauses to ACL
        Allow rcpt clause at DATA stage ACL
        Fix crashes when running with -D on some systems (John Thiltges)
        Do not sort the databases, it makes startup slow and buys nothing
        Fix various bugs (regex searches, lists matches, uninitialized memory)
        Fix timespamp on sparc64 (Gert Doering)
        Add the ability to query extrnal sources in ACL using URL
        Add connexion pools for URL queries to enable persistent connexions
        Fix dependency in rc-bsd.sh: it's mail, not sendmail
        Add DATA-stage ACL
        Update to .spec file (Rudy Eschauzier)
        Allow header and body searches in DATA-stage ACL
        Allow CIDR match for DNSRBL
        Allow multiple macro, dnsrbl, urlcheck, body and header clauses in ACL
        Fix crashes during dump reloads (AIDA Shinra)
        Fix DoS in MX sync protocol (AIDA Shinra)
        Check for -lc_r before others, for FreeBSD (AIDA Shinra)
        Fix configure for libspf2 (AIDA Shinra)
        Fix FreeBSD build (AIDA Shinra)
        Avoid buffer overflow in DNSRBL code (AIDA Shinra)
        Fix build problem with newer BerkeleyDB (AIDA Shinra)
        Check if -lbind requires -lpthread, for Linux
        Correctly enable non blocking I/O fox MX sync (Attila Bruncsak)
        Pointer to DRAC documentation (Matthias Scheler)
        FreeBSD build fixes (Hajimu UMEMOTO)
        Remove the /tmp/access-list.debug for security sake (AIDA Shinra)
        Fix display bug in log messages (AIDA Shinra)
        Updated the list of broken MTA
        Fix MX sync between Tru64 and Linux (Attila Bruncsak)
        Silly build fix for platforms that lack vsyslog()
        Honour LINE_MAX for syslog (Attila Bruncsak)
        Warn about ignored ACL lines after acl default rule
        Fix various race conditions (AIDA Shinra)
        Fix big bugs in macro support (AIDA Shinra)
        Fix build warning on Tru64
        Build fix on Solaris
        Documentation fix

Emmanuel Dreyfus
manu at netbsd.org
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