[suggest] pound package missing initscripts etc...

Thomas M Steenholdt tmus at tmus.dk
Tue Apr 15 17:03:36 CEST 2008

Hi all...

The current pound package (pound-2.4-1.el5.rf) seems to be missing a few
things in order to make it the high-quality drop-in we're used to from
rpmforge :-)

This is what the package currently includes:


I'm missing at least an initscript to be provided by the package.
Optionally sample configurations for chrooted setups or/and perhaps a
default config (unusable, but easily adopted into something that works)

At least the initscript already exists and can be found in Simon Matter's
package located here: http://www.invoca.ch/pub/packages/pound/

Let me hear what you think...


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