[users] Graphviz plugin config

Dave Miller justdave at mozilla.com
Sat Apr 12 08:35:53 CEST 2008

Dries Verachtert wrote on 9/3/07 5:12 PM:
> On Thursday August 30 2007, Stefan Radman wrote:
>> Package graphviz 2.8 is missing the plugin configuration file
>> 	%{_libdir}/graphviz/config
>> Without this file dot reports
>> 	Error: Layout was not done.  Missing layout plugins?
>> Adding
>>   %post
>>   %{_bindir}/dot -c
>> Will fix this problem
>> Reference: http://www.graphviz.org/bugs/b855.html
> Hello Stefan,
> Thanks for the information! I've added such a post script and i've also 
> updated the spec file to 2.14.1 (so possibly i introduced new bugs :-)  There 
> doesn't seem to be an easy way to generate the config file without using 
> a %post script.

This seems to be missing in el5 for some reason?  I just ran into this 
bug on our servers (the lack of the "dot -c" being run after install) 
and according to the above message this is supposed to be fixed already. 
    I only seem to be picking up graphviz 2.8 still, not 2.14.1, also.

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