[users] perl-Email-MIME-Creator should not provide perl(Email::MIME)

Dries Verachtert dries at ulyssis.org
Mon Jan 7 14:09:12 CET 2008

On Thursday January 3 2008, Tom G. Christensen wrote:
> # rpm -q --whatprovides 'perl(Email::MIME)'
> perl-Email-MIME-Creator-1.454-1.el5.rf
> perl-Email-MIME-1.861-1.el5.rf
> This breaks things that depends on perl(Email::MIME) if this package
> happens to already be installed.
> Ie. installing perl-Email-Reply will not pull in perl-Email-MIME if
> perl-Email-MIME-Creator is already installed :(

perl-Email-MIME-Creator can't work without perl-Email-MIME installed so i 
added this as a requirement in the spec file. Thanks for reporting the 
kind regards,

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