[users] Update pv please

Rabie Van der Merwe rvdmerwe at mhg.co.za
Tue Jan 15 10:17:49 CET 2008

Could we update pv please, new version 1.1.0 - 30 August 2007
I see it's part of Fedora 6,7,8 but not part of RHEL 5.

Rabie van der Merwe

Release Notes:
1.1.0 - 30 August 2007  [1.1.0 notes]
        * new option --remote (-R) to control an already-running process
        * new option --line-mode (-l) to count lines instead of bytes
        * fix for "-L" to be less resource intensive
        * fix for input/output equivalence check on Mac OS X
        * fix for size calculation in pipelines on Mac OS X
        * fixed "make uninstall"
        * removed /debian directory at request of new Debian maintainer

1.0.1 - 4 August 2007 [1.0.1 notes]
        * licensing change from Artistic to Artistic 2.0
        * removed the "-l" / "--license" option

1.0.0 - 2 August 2007
        * act more like "cat" - just skip unreadable files, don't abort
        * removed text version of manual page, and obsolete Info file
        * code cleanup and separation of PV internals from CLI front-end

0.9.9 (info) - 1 August 2007
        * now part of Fedora and available as an extra package in Fedora
Core 6

0.9.9 - 5 February 2007
        * new option --buffer-size (-B) suggested by Mark Tomich
        * build fix: HP-UX largefile compile fix from Timo Savinen
        * maintain better buffer filling during transfers
        * workaround: pv /dev/zero | dd bs=1M count=1k bug (reported by
Gert Menke)
        * dropped support for the Texinfo manual

0.9.6 - 27 February 2006 [0.9.6 notes]
        * bugfix: key_t incompatibility with Cygwin
        * bugfix: interval (-i) parameter parses numbers after decimal
        * build fix: use static NLS if msgfmt is unavailable
        * on the final update, blank out the now-zero ETA


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