[users] Privoxy 3.0.8

John Thomas gmane-2006-04-16 at jt-socal.com
Wed Jan 23 14:49:58 CET 2008

May I request you add Privoxy 3.0.8 to your repository?  The current 
version available to my CentOS 5.1 system is 3.0.3-9.2.2, which is in 
the "base" repository.

Freshmeat Page:

Freshmeat Changes:
This stable release includes many significant enhancements and new 
features, including the ability to "tag" headers and to selectively 
apply actions based on those tags, making Privoxy much more flexible in 
both client and server header manipulation. Privoxy can now act as an 
"intercepting" proxy, making it unnecessary to configure individual 
browsers. zlib support was added (as a compile time option). URL 
redirects now support regular expression syntax. Various other 
configuration options have been added for enhanced security, privacy, 
and flexibility.

Detailed changelog:


John Thomas

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