[users] apt.sw.be looks dead from the UK and US

Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Sat Mar 22 01:19:30 CET 2008

Bill McGonigle wrote:
> For the future, would it make sense to point the mirrorlist locally by
> default, and then rev. the -release package when there was a change to
> the list?
> If that's not a good idea, one of us with an account on a big managed
> server farm (e.g. Yahoo!) could volunteer to host the mirrorlist file -
> it's small enough.  The theory there being that it wouldn't be impacted
> by a single hardware incident, at least not for too long.

I am presently working with Dag on this issue - with the aim being to
have a slightly more robust apt.sw.be setup in place.

- KB
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