[users] perl-DBD-mysql is missing a "Provides"

Dave Miller justdave at mozilla.com
Thu May 15 04:53:42 CEST 2008

Ralph Angenendt wrote on 2/20/08 11:08 AM:

> for perl-DBD-mysql-4.006-1.el5.rf to act as an replacement for
> perl-DBD-MySQL-3.0007-1.fc6 in el5, it needs to provide
> perl-DBD-MySQL=4.006-1.el5.rf additionally to perl-DBD-mysql =
> 4.006-1.el5.rf, as mysql-server requires the MySQL variant.
> And: Even with priorities turned on, it is shown alongside the CentOS5
> variant because of the lowercase package name and can (no, not really)
> be installed even if the perl-DBD-MySQL already is on the system.

This one just bit me...  tried to install mysql-server and discovered I 
couldn't because I already had perl-DBD-mysql on the box.  Doesn't look 
like it's been fixed yet.

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