[users] New test repository

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Sat Nov 1 14:49:29 CET 2008


Being sick in bed and suddenly having some more time I looked into making 
test-packages reappear in the normal packages-listing and in a seperate 
test repository.

Eventually the changes were pretty simple and my first imlementation 
seemed to have worked. From now on packages that have been tagged as 
'.test.' instead of '.rf.' will go straight to this test repository.

>From the SPEC file a metatag:

 	# Tag: test

I didn't do much in the past with test-packages, but I guess we could use 
it in the future for things like the upcoming nagios 4 ;-)

Packages I used to tag test are: apt, rdiff-backup, rsync, syslinux and 
some packages that deliberately replaced upstream packages to fix a bug 
but I never pushed to rpmforge.

To move a package from test to the normal rpmforge repository it requires 
a new rebuild. This way we can control from the package where it ends up.

(We could build with test in the filename instead of the package metadata 
and just rename, that is an option too but that means that test packages 
look like real package in rpmdb)

This test repository lives just alongside the rpmforge repository:


Let me also add that although this repository is experimental, the same 
warranty applies to it than for the rpmforge repository: none whatsoever 
:) In fact, at any time we could reorganise this repository.

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