[users] Problems with rf flash player and Seamonkey 2.01 beta

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Mon Nov 3 19:40:46 CET 2008

On Mon, 3 Nov 2008, MHR wrote:

> I noticed a few days ago that yum downloaded and updated a "new"
> version of Adobe's flash player on my system from rpmforge, but today,
> when I tried to use it, it wouldn't work.
> I am running Seamonkey's 2.01 beta (because the 1.1.11+ versions crash
> every time I try to save a web page and I need to do that too often
> for this problem, whereas the 2.01 beta version NEVER does this, and
> yes, I've filed a bugzilla on that, bu I digress), and I recently
> installed Adobe's flash player version from their site.  It
> worked perfectly.
> Then this version appeared in the rpmforge repository, so my yum
> dutifully downloaded and updated my version, and it stopped working.
> I tried playing around with the symlinks, then I removed and
> reinstalled it, and it still didn't work.  Finally, I erased it (with
> yum) and reinstalled my rpm from Adobe and voila, it works fine.
> Can someone explain that one?  Should I file a bugzilla on this?

Can you give a hint to what version you downloaded ? Because what is in 
the package is just a binary plugin that comes from Adobe.

The only thing that may happen due to the packaging is that something is 
stripped from it. But since I didn't have any problems with the new 
release from my package (on the contrary, it seems to work much better) I 
am not sure what is going on.

If I know what you downloaded that worked, I can compare it.

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