[users] latest synaptic is broken

Nicolas Thierry-Mieg Nicolas.Thierry-Mieg at imag.fr
Thu Nov 6 16:41:24 CET 2008


I just updated to the latest synaptic and apt rpmforge packages, on an 
x86_64 centos5 box.
$ rpm -q synaptic apt

The new apt works well, and I can install or upgrade packages with apt-get.
However, synaptic is now broken for me: it starts fine, "reload" also 
works, and I can select packages for upgrade or installation. If I click 
on "apply", it downloads the package, then shows the window "applying 
changes". But when that window disappears, the package is not installed, 
and the changes are still marked in synaptic (it knows that the install 
failed, although File->History shows a log entry saying that the package 
was installed).
dmesg shows messages such as:

synaptic[15247] general protection rip:2b844c8264d3 rsp:7fff5e2ec4e0 error:0
synaptic[15316]: segfault at 0000000000000008 rip 00002b8ecf7f64d3 rsp 
00007fffdb31e050 error 6

I tried rebuilding the SRPM myself, same result.
Is the new synaptic package working for someone on x86_64?
Does it work on i386 (I guess it does but please confirm)?


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