[users] nagios-3.0.5 and nagios-plugins-1.4.12--> Solved

Marcelo M. Garcia marcelo.maia.garcia at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 20 14:25:44 CET 2008

Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
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> Marcelo M. Garcia wrote:
>> I installed nagios-3.0.5 and nagios-plugins-1.4.12 in my CentOS-5.2
>> (x86) box and when I try to validate the nagios.cfg, I got the following
>> message:
>> Error: Unexpected token or statement in file
>> '/etc/nagios/objects/command-plugins.cfg' on line 33.
> By default Nagios will not run out of the box. That is intentionaly. You
> need to read the documentation and build the configuration to match your
>  needs.
> I propose that this remains so for the RPM version as well.
> Hugo.

The problems was that I didn't run "convertcfg commands-plugins command 
 > ...".

Thanks to everybody that helped


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