[users] New VLC very unstable

Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Thu Oct 2 12:31:50 CEST 2008

On Sun, 28 Sep 2008, Niki Kovacs wrote:

> Since the last update, I can't use VLC for watching videos anymore. Crashes 
> on me all the time.

This email is to inform you about the release of version '0.9.3' of 'VLC
media player' through freshmeat.net. All URLs and other useful information
can be found at


The changes in this release are as follows:
This version shows various bugfixes, including DTS chapter order,
audio-CD behavior, subtitles, and podcast fixes. It also fixes a few
crashes in the PS, SSA, MKV, XSPF, and FreeType modules. The Mac OS X
version shows a lot of improvements and regression fixes. The Qt
interface shows a few modifications and bugfixes.

Maybe that will help. Let me see if I can build it.

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