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Hugo van der Kooij hvdkooij at vanderkooij.org
Fri Sep 12 23:16:18 CEST 2008

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Fabian Arrotin wrote:
> On Sun, 7 Sep 2008, Hugo van der Kooij wrote:
>> As I understood that the rpmforge team is not keen on adding small time
>> members I have decided to put my own yum repository online. It only
>> works for Centos 5 / RHEL 5 users but it will allow for someone to
>> install mailscanner through yum on these system.
>> The only thing I would like now is to put up some nice pages to index
>> the few packages. Pretty much like I used to do with rpm2html.
>> Does anyone know of a good succesor for rpm2html? I coud not find
>> anything through Google.
> why not using repoview ? because you've already created the repodata,
> you just have to run repoview against it ..

To begin with one must know it exists. Having found it on rpmforge
however does not mean it actually works:

[hvdkooij at balin i386]$ repoview --help
No yum parsing routines found. Please see README.

It seems Centos 5 is using a far too advanced version of yum. This
readme points to yum 2.3 - 2.5 but we now live with yum 3.2.8 and it
seems repoview has not been properly updated.

In a sense I am inclined to notice that repoview is in fact not working
as shipped via rpmforge.

On the othe hand I found a newer set of rpm2html and that works well
enough for me at the moment.


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