git in rpmforge [Was Re: [users] rdesktop 1.6.0]

Tom G. Christensen tgc at
Wed Sep 24 08:59:41 CEST 2008

Dag Wieers wrote:
> But the other problem is the amount of work to look at patches, move them
> over to the subversion and integrate them. For that reason I would be very
> interested to loo at git and see if we can migrate to git in the very
> short term.
In that case you might be interested in a new specfile for git.
The current rpmforge git rpm is quite broken so instead I've been 
maintaining an rpmforge style RHEL friendly fork of the upstream specfile.

I'm attaching the specfile and two patches.

Things to note is:
Some formatting of the specfile has been kept to try and reduce the diff 
with upstream.
Upstream depends on asciidoc 7.x to build manpages, I decided to remove 
that dependency and use the manpages that upstream ship in a separate 
Upstream also includes HTML documentation but since I find that less 
useful I cut that out.
The -cvs subpackage depends on cvsps (for git-cvsimport) which is not 
currently in rpmforge. I suggest you import the EPEL version of cvsps or 
turn __without_cvs into __with_cvs.
A few tests do not work on RHEL 2.1 and I use a small patch to disable 
one of them (rm takes care of the other).
The patch for t9700/ is necessary for RHEL 3, however after some 
prodding the issue has been fixed upstream and will have a 
better fix in place.
For some reason subversion-perl 1.1.4 fails the testsuite on el4/x86_64 
but works fine on el4/i386, this should not be a problem for rpmforge 
since a newer subversion-perl is in the repository.


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