[users] Audacity vs. wxGTK 2.8

Bogdan Costescu Bogdan.Costescu at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de
Fri Sep 26 19:05:30 CEST 2008

On Fri, 26 Sep 2008, Dag Wieers wrote:

> Why is it blowing people off if I say that apt does not have this problem ?

It's not about saying it. It's about the way you have chosen to show 
it in practice. Your repo is a highly regarded one, but an attitude of 
"I take my toys and go home" doesn't inspire trust anymore.

> I think yum should be more resilient, but I have been saying that 
> for years and nobody did anything about it.

There are ways to make yum more resilient, but again they are not 
default in the distributions your repo is targeted to. I've alredy 
been put off some years ago by some decisions that were made regarding 
ATRPMS which (while they might have also had good technical reasons) 
were incompatible in my view with the default distribution choices, 
which led me to not use that repo anymore.

> I am not interested in spending more time to maintain more 
> infrastructure

Can maintaining the infrastructure be separated from maintaining the 
repo ? If so, can someone else maintain it ?

> rpmrepo was going to be the solution, but apparently is either not 
> having enough manpower or nobody driving it.

There was very little public info about rpmrepo or at least very 
little came my way. Can you give a more detailed explanation ? What 
kind of help is needed for that ?

> I am not interested in driving rpmrepo because I have no more freetime.

I thought that RPMForge was supposed to morph into rpmrepo such that 
you'd be involved into only one repo and not in 2. Did I understand it 
wrong ? Or is maintaining even one repo taking too much of your time ?

> And I don't mind that people complain it is not working, I do mind 
> that they are not helping to solve the issue.

Telling people "you have to switch to apt to use my repo" will not 
drive them to help you. Posting a list of things that others could do 
might bring much better results. Or better ideas of doing the whole 

> Besides, audacity is hardly that important.

I have been bitten myself by such situations in the past, so it's not 
a single case. Needing to use several media players means that a lot 
of libraries are required and when something breaks it's usually a 
whole lot of applications and not only one.

Because of your remarks, I don't view this case as an isolated one but 
more of a statement that you make about the whole repo. I came to rely 
on your repo for many things, simply because I hate duplication of 
effort and because you've earned my trust over the years to produce 
nice packages. But trust can also be lost...

> And maybe it is very egoistic of me to update wxGTK when I needed 
> truecrypt and at the same time broke audacity.

I think that it would have be much better received if you'd have sent 
an e-mail to the list saying: "OK, I know that some things are broken 
but they'll be fixed shortly"; people have been patient in the past 
and will likely be again if they just know what to expect.

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