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Nico Kadel-Garcia nkadel at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 14:59:21 CEST 2009

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> Date: Sat, 18 Apr 2009 09:56:58 -0400
> From: Jason <kane.michael.john at gmail.com>
> Subject: [suggest] Unable to find a specific package.
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> I am currently in the process of researching the deployment of CentOS for
> daily use as a workstation, however. A package for conky seems unavailable
> from the CentOS repositories, or from any of the recommended 3rd party
> repositories.
> Would it be possible to ask that this program to be added to the rpmforge
> repositories.
Good for you!!!!

Are you willing to learn a bit about RPM itself, to help you build your 
own packages for tools like this and post them here and ease the work of 
our beloved leaders? The .spec files for numerous projects are at 
http://rpmfind.net/linux/dag/source/.  Many of them have excellent .spec 
files, suitable for duplication to build your own RPM's. And while our 
fearless leaders retain their own package building infrastructure, I 
personally like 'mock' from CentOS for testing out clean builds of RPM's 
to properly report and list any unexpected dependencies in the .spec file.

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