[users] Re: clamav-devel necessary for rar support (?)

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Wed Apr 1 17:57:19 CEST 2009

on 3-30-2009 12:38 PM Geoff Hull spake the following:
>> It appears that the clamav-devel package is necessary for the full 
>> functioning of clamd-0.95-1. Prior to installing clamav-devel, the 
>> clamd init script would emit this message:
>> LibClamAV Warning: Cannot dlopen: file not found - unrar support
>> unavailable
>> The same message would occur when running clamscan from the 
>> command-line.
>> What happens is that libclamav will look for the autoconf-generated 
>> libclamunrar_iface.la file to see what version of the 
>> libclamunrar_iface library it ought to open. If it doesn't find that file
>> (which isn't packaged with the rpmforge packages), it looks for
>> /libclamunrar_iface.so -- which is shipped with the clamav-devel package.
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> Strange that it didn't need those symlinks for version 0.94.2 of the clamav package. Has 
> something else changed as well?
> Geoff
I think the clam rpm needs a symlink creation added to the %post section. Here
is a quote from the clam list;

Over on the clamav-users mailing list, Edwin T�r�k says:

"Make sure there is a symlink /usr/lib64/libclamunrar_iface.so ->
/usr/lib64/libclamunrar_iface.so.6, run ldconfig again if necessary."

It'll be a while before I can test this.



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