[users] Re: clamav-milter

Ugo Bellavance ugob at lubik.ca
Wed Apr 8 14:58:59 CEST 2009

Scott Silva a écrit :
> on 4-7-2009 1:42 PM Ugo Bellavance spake the following:
>> Scott Silva a écrit :
>>> on 4-6-2009 5:48 AM Ugo Bellavance spake the following:
>>>> Hi,
>>>>     All the clamav packages have been updated, except clamav-milter, is
>>>> there a reason?  Is it safe to run clamav-0.94 with other clamav
>>>> packages with version 0.95?
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Ugo
>>> It is on the site, maybe its metadata didn't get updated yet.
>>> I have local copies of el4 and 5 in x86_64 and i386 if you can't find it.
>>> It should be at http://apt.sw.be/redhat
>> Oh, it looks like it isn't there only for el3... is there a reason?
>> Regards,
>> Ugo
> I found the reason on the CentOS list;
> <quote>
> [OT]:
> {
> The clamav folks completely rewrote the milter in 0.95 to require sendmail-
> 13 or higher. For anyone with an old (RHEL/Centos 3.9) distro,  clamav-
> milter-0.95  does not work with sendmail-12. I built and the installed  the
> sendmail-13 rpm from the RHEL4 (Centos4 should also work) src.rpm
> before building and installing the clamav-0.95 rpm on one old machine. It is
> now receiving and filtering mail happily (allthough oblivious to its scheduled
> July date with the hardware recycler). Clamdtop even works with Centos 3.9.
> Someone may want to put sendmail-13 in the Centos 3.9 centosplus
> directory. A "clamav-0.95-for-sendmail-13" could also be put in the rpmforge
> updates for EL3, although there are probably few customers for that item.
> }
> </quote>

Thanks a lot Scott,

This server is due to be renewed anyway, but I don't know exactly when 
I'll have time to do it.  I don't think sticking to 0.94 for a while 
would be critical anyway.



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