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Mitch Gore mitchell.gore at gmail.com
Fri Apr 10 19:02:04 CEST 2009


I upgraded to 5.3.  to get yum to work i had to remove alot of atrpm's
rpms.  after getting tired of all the dependency conflictions with atrpms
and rpmforge i started remove every package i can find from atrpms and
installing the same one from rpmforge.

so far i have been pretty successful.  I have only one package that i am
having issues with.  That being lirc.  kinda a big one for mythtv.

i have the following packages installed from rpmforge.
[myth at mythtv ~]$ rpm -qa |grep lirc

I saw dkms build the kernel module on reboot (man that is nicer than kmdl's)
but when i start lirc it seg faults right away

[root at mythtv ~]# lircd -n
lircd 0.6.6: error in configfile line 1594931104:
lircd 0.6.6: unknown definiton or too few arguments: " ÂË[Ù* ÂË[Ù*"
lircd 0.6.6: reading of config file failed
lircd 0.6.6: Segmentation fault
[root at mythtv ~]#

lircd.conf file is simple and the same as before with atrpms rpms:
[root at mythtv ~]# cat /etc/lircd.conf
# RC-6 config file
# source: http://home.hccnet.nl/m.majoor/projects__remote_control.htm
#         http://home.hccnet.nl/m.majoor/pronto.pdf
# used by: Philips
# Philips Media Center Edition remote control
# For use with the USB MCE ir receiver
# Dan Conti  dconti|acm.wwu.edu
# Updated with codes for MCE 2005 Remote additional buttons
# *, #, Teletext, Red, Green, Yellow & Blue Buttons
# Note: TV power button transmits no code until programmed.
# Updated 12th September 2005
# Graham Auld - mce|graham.auld.me.uk
# Radio, Print, RecTV are only available on the HP Media Center remote

begin remote

  name mceusb
  bits           16
  eps            30
  aeps          100

  header       2667   889
  one           444   444
  zero          444   444
  pre_data_bits 21
  pre_data      0x37FF0
  gap          105000
  toggle_bit     22
  rc6_mask     0x100000000

      begin codes

        Blue    0x00007ba1
        Yellow  0x00007ba2
        Green   0x00007ba3
        Red     0x00007ba4
        Teletext        0x00007ba5
        Radio    0x00007baf
        Print    0x00007bb1
        Videos   0x00007bb5
        Pictures 0x00007bb6
        RecTV    0x00007bb7
        Music    0x00007bb8
        TV       0x00007bb9
        Guide    0x00007bd9
        LiveTV   0x00007bda
        DVD      0x00007bdb
        Back     0x00007bdc
        OK       0x00007bdd
        Right    0x00007bde
        Left     0x00007bdf
        Down     0x00007be0
        Up       0x00007be1
        Star       0x00007be2
        Hash       0x00007be3
        Replay   0x00007be4
        Skip     0x00007be5
        Stop     0x00007be6
        Pause    0x00007be7
        Record   0x00007be8
        Play     0x00007be9
        Rewind   0x00007bea
        Forward  0x00007beb
        ChanDown 0x00007bec
        ChanUp   0x00007bed
        VolDown  0x00007bee
        VolUp    0x00007bef
        More     0x00007bf0
        Mute     0x00007bf1
        Home     0x00007bf2
        Power    0x00007bf3
        Enter    0x00007bf4
        Clear    0x00007bf5
        Nine     0x00007bf6
        Eight    0x00007bf7
        Seven    0x00007bf8
        Six      0x00007bf9
        Five     0x00007bfa
        Four     0x00007bfb
        Three    0x00007bfc
        Two      0x00007bfd
        One      0x00007bfe
        Zero     0x00007bff
      end codes
end remote

The odd part is when i retry the to start lirc the too few arg symbols
change but it always say line 1594931104.

i clearly dont have that many lines in the config.  where is the issue?

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