[suggest] Perl module updates

David Steinbrunner dsteinbrunner at pobox.com
Wed Jun 3 20:47:51 CEST 2009

Christoph Maser wrote:

>> Am Montag, den 18.05.2009, 18:08 +0200 schrieb David Steinbrunner:


>>> perl-XML-LibXML
>>> perl-XML-LibXSLT
>>> The last two appear to have problems building on some platforms.
>>> perl-XML-LibXML dies during the build due to permission issues and
>>> perl-XML-LibXSLT dies due to dependency  requirements on perl-XML-LibXML, at
>>> least in the case of el5 x86_64.  If updating these does not resolve these
>>> issues could they be looked into further?  Note that I did not have issues
>>> building the most current rpmforge source packages on my el5 x86_64
>>> development box.
>>> Thanks,
>>> --
>>> David Steinbrunner
> The dependency issues are more severe: XML::LibXSLT needs libxslt
> version 1.1.18 or higher. Seems like a bigger task, if it is doable at
> all. perl-XML-LibXML has this comment:
> ### EL4 and EL5 ship with perl-XML-LibXML 1.58
> # ExcludeDist: el4 el5
> So not much happening here too. I did only look at these two so far.

I'm guessing the "# ExcludeDist: el4 el5" is something only notice in the
rpmforge build process which allowed it to build without issue in my

With XML::LibXSLT, I was able to build what was currently available in
rpmforge because it has a lower requirement on libxslt.  That is version
1.62 and version 1.63 also has the same requirement.  The next version
however is where the requirement was upped.

If one was to want to stick with the perl-XML-LibXML 1.58 that EL5 ships
with but you want to install rpmforge's perl-XML-LibXSLT you will run into
problems. This is due to version 1.59 of perl-XML-LibXSLT being the latest
release that works with perl-XML-LibXML 1.58, which is in rpmforge but a
newer version is pulled and it seems the spec does not specify version
requirements on perl-XML-LibXML.  In the end you have to either upgrade
perl-XML-LibXML or downgrade perl-XML-LibXSLT to get this functioning.

David Steinbrunner

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