[suggest] Update subversion-1.6.3, please?

Greg Bailey gbailey at lxpro.com
Thu Jun 25 20:45:17 CEST 2009

Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
> The published patches and .spec file for Subversion 1.6.2 work fine
> for the new Subversion 1.6.3 release, with the release number updated.
> May I ask politely for an update of that package?
> Getting it working for RHEL 4 or older is work I've had trouble with:
> It requires a local compilation of a more recent version of Python
> than RHEL or older Fedora's provide for the autogen.sh step, which is
> amazingly frustrating, and I don't have enough local server space and
> time to set up local Fedora Core repositories and "mock" environments
> to test with. Is there anyone who does? I can hand off a working .spec
> file I got from David Summers, so it can be resolved with the existing
> RPMforge .spec file.

I had done this work for RHEL 4 previously (at least a subversion 1.6.2 
build on RHEL 4); see:

 From that posting:

Extending the idea of embedding required dependencies in the subversion
source tree, I'm able to build Subversion 1.6.2 on CentOS 4 that doesn't
require any external development RPMs to be installed first, and doesn't
require the user to upgrade apr, neon, sqlite, etc.  The only ugly part
is that I included python 2.4.6 in the source RPM, and it is built
before the rest of subversion (but only affects the source RPM).

If I get a chance, I'll have a go at making RPMs of subversion 1.6.3 for 
RHEL 4...


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