[users] evolution RPM for RHEL5

marwan at zaradoustra.com marwan at zaradoustra.com
Sun Jun 21 03:55:38 CEST 2009

Hey list,
I wouldn't be writing here if I wasn't deseparate, but i really feel like
a hit a wall here. I've been trying for 2 days to compile evolution, since
there's no RPM in the RPMFORGE repository for RedHat 5, and just as I
solved all dependancies, I started getting compilation errors in GTK+2,
with missing functions in Cairo, although that is installed, and 'seen' by
the ./configure, before compilation.
i'm suspecting a version problem of Cairo, but can't tell which one it is
that would work, not to mention that I also had to skip TIFF and
JPEG/JPEG2000 support, because the source for these are not compiling.
So my question is:
- does anyone have an RPM for GTK+2 2.26
- does anyone have an RPM for evolution?


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