[users] Re: EPEL and RPMforge

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Jun 22 23:10:24 CEST 2009

on 6-22-2009 1:30 PM Bram Mertens spake the following:
> Hi
> First of all thank you for providing this repository.
> Today I was looking for packages for libmcrypt and found one both in
> RPMforge and in EPEL.
> I haven't compared the source packages of EPEL and the one from
> RPMforge but I suspect there will be only minor differences.
> So to me seems like a duplication of effort and resources that might
> be invested better in other matters as I'm sure you will all have
> limited time and resources.
> Are there any plans to cooperate with the maintainers of the EPEL
> repository?  I read about the conflict with fedora.us and livna.org
> but nohing about EPEL.  And my quick search in the archives of the
> last couple of months did not reveal anything like this either.
> Kind regards
> Bram
There was a lot of activity about just such cooperation. It basically came
down to several incompatibilities in how the packages are maintained. Also
rpmforge wanted to add repo tags on all rpm's so end users knew where a
package came from easily, and EPEL wouldn't have anything to do with the idea.

Just two different ideas on how to do things, and no middle ground was found
to stand on.

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