[suggest] Munin requires /bin/mail (mailx)

Simon Males sime at sime.net.au
Wed May 27 03:08:19 CEST 2009


The munin.conf file in the Munin package suggests using `mail` for
alerts (example below). If mail is not available the munin-limits
process will spin and become defunct.

Since it is commented out by default I don't know what the policy is
with making something a dependency when it is not required out of the

Unless the problem is upstream and munin-limits should test mail to
see if it exists before munin-limits tries to use it. Otherwise I
suggest mailx be a dependency of munin.

Default configuration in question:

# Drop somejuser at fnord.comm and anotheruser at blibb.comm an email everytime
# something changes (OK -> WARNING, CRITICAL -> OK, etc)
#contact.someuser.command mail -s "Munin notification" somejuser at fnord.comm
#contact.anotheruser.command mail -s "Munin notification" anotheruser at blibb.comm

Simon Males

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