[users] Munin update - now producing errors

Daniel Bird dbird at sgul.ac.uk
Tue May 26 14:17:30 CEST 2009

 I have 2 CentOS 5.3 boxes producing errors atfer an update to the lastest
version of munin


and I'm seeing the following messages from munin-cron on 2 seperate servers:

Server 1 i386
(process:858): Pango-WARNING **: Invalid UTF-8 string passed to

This continues to process

Server 2 x86_64

No fonts found; this probably means that the fontconfig
library is not correctly configured. You may need to
edit the fonts.conf configuration file. More information
about fontconfig can be found in the fontconfig(3) manual
page and on http://fontconfig.org

munin does not process anything

Neither of these servers have anything changes on them apart from "yum update"

On server 2, I've rolled back to munin-1.2.5-1.el5.rf and am seeing the same
error so wonder what has ended up being changed?


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