[users] synaptic pam config still broken on x86_64

Nicolas Thierry-Mieg Nicolas.Thierry-Mieg at imag.fr
Mon Nov 9 17:46:14 CET 2009


synaptic authentication via pam is broken on x86_64. For example if as a 
regular user you type "synaptic" in a terminal, you get "unknown error" 
and synaptic fails to start, whereas on an i386 machine a window asks 
for the root password and synaptic launches upon success.
I suspect (but haven't tested) that this bug is not visible if you have 
the i386 pam packages installed on your x86_64, but this should not be 

The problem is that /etc/pam.d/synaptic has hard-coded lib/security/* 
paths, which should be lib64/security on x86_64 systems.
a year ago I had submitted 2 patches for the synaptic rpm, which are 
trivial and both solve the issue.
I installed a new laptop today (centos 5) and found out that neither of 
the patches had been applied and synaptic authentication is still broken.


Could one of these patches please be applied?
Or is there a reason that they can't be, eg do they break things on 
centos 4?


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