[users] RPMFORGE URL for Mrepo

Dave Miller justdave at mozilla.com
Sun Aug 29 22:25:27 CEST 2010

Dag Wieers wrote on 8/27/10 3:12 AM:
> On Thu, 26 Aug 2010, Camron W. Fox wrote:
>> When have had the following configuration in our mrepo configuration
>> since installation for the rpmforge rsync URL:
>> rpmforge =
>> rsync://apt.sw.be/pub/freshrpms/pub/dag/redhat/el5/en/$arch/RPMS.dag/
>> However, when I was checking for the updated clamav packages today, I
>> found that the directory doesn't exist:
> There was a cleanup of the directory structure on mirrors. And as you
> can see it's better to either use 'dag/' or 'rpmforge/' rather than
> 'RPMS.dag/'.
> I was surprised nobody complained the first days, so I think the
> reorganization was useful :-)

Yeah, I just discovered this the hard way myself a couple days ago, 
ironically for the same reason (trying to figure out why we weren't 
getting clamav updates).

Of course, mrepo had been kindly sending us email every day saying it 
was getting an error on rpmforge that nobody saw buried with all the 
rest of the cron mail from our hundreds of servers. :O  (been an ongoing 
problem, we recently had a person start spending most of their time 
fixing cron jobs so we only get email on stuff that actually needs 
action, but that's another story for another list)

The URL we're using now is:

rpmforge = 

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