[users] perl-Encode error

William J. Horka whorka at hmdc.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 13 21:15:48 CET 2010

Steve Huff wrote:
> at my day job we install RT entirely via RPMs, clobbering upstream packages where necessary.

It's true. If you want to look at our spec file, it's in 

Please do note that this build has been customized for our environment, 
so I wouldn't recommend using it as-is, but it can provide you with a 
starting point for packaging RT.

Basically, to gather the list of requirements, all I did was unpack the 
RT source, do a ./configure, and then run "make testdeps" through sed:

make testdeps |grep -v "Can't locate" \
   |sed -r -e '/^SOME DEPENDENCIES WERE MISSING/,$d' \
        -e 's/ \.\.\.found$//' -e 's/ \.\.\.MISSING$//' \
        -e '/^[A-Za-z]/s/^/### /' \
        -e 's/^[[:space:]]([^[:space:]]+)/perl(\1)/' >alldeps.txt

After building that into an RPM and enabling the RPMforge repo, yum was 
able to resolve all but 6 dependencies for RT 3.8.8.

Four of the dependency packages will not install cleanly on RHEL/CentOS5 
via yum due to the fact that they conflict with files owned by the 
upstream perl package. They must be downloaded manually and installed 
with --force. They will also need to be reinstalled after each 
subsequent update to the upstream perl package.

Two of the dependency packages will not install due to dependency 
resolution issues. They must be downloaded and installed manually, but 
updates can occur normally:

# yumdownloader perl-File-Temp perl-Sys-Syslog \
     perl-Encode perl-CGI perl-FCGI perl-Any-Moose
# rpm -Uvh --force perl-File-Temp-*.rpm perl-Sys-Syslog-*.rpm \
     perl-Encode-*.rpm perl-CGI-*.rpm perl-FCGI-*.rpm \

All of the above can be found in RPMforge.


William Horka
UNIX Systems Administrator
Harvard-MIT Data Center

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