[users] What happened to 3.0.7 rsync?

Andrew Gideon ag778234 at tagmall.com
Wed Dec 22 20:18:19 CET 2010

It used to be in this repository, but appears now to be gone.  Is there
some reason for this?  It would be annoying to have to fall back on
2.6.8 (the version in RHEL/CentOS) because the -A option isn't
compatible between these two versions and I've already 3.0.7 in use.

It would also mean a problem with Fedora systems, since Fedora is now
shipping with 3.0.7.

[More, I've never confirmed that some problems between -A and
--link-dest found in earlier rsync were resolved in 2.6.8, though that
doesn't mean that they'd not been either.  It just means that I'd need
to do some testing to see one way or the other.  But I know that v3.0
included a fair bit of enhancement in ACL support.]

The only recent mention of rsync I found in either this list or
'packagers' was the thread:


but nothing in that thread indicates an intent to move backward.

I did check EPEL, since Fedora is shipping 3.0.7.  But it wasn't there



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