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Manuel Tuthill Manuel at e107xs.com
Tue Feb 2 10:02:06 CET 2010

Sorry Hugo,

It's been going on so long that I kind of assume that everyone on the list
knew the issues.

About 18 months ago I needed to get a wireless card working on C4, there
were no native drivers at the time so I needed to try ndiswrapper. Cue
dkms-ndiswrapper, the then current version didn't work so I spoke to Dag on
#centos who asked me to start rolling back version till I found one that did
and email him. I did this and emailed him the results. Which was that up to
1.38 worked later versions didn't. Ever since then I've been asking whats
going on.

It's been so long that I really can't remember what if any errors were
produced, If it is needed I can attempt to trace slightly more information
however from further conversations it seemed to be the case that
dkms-ndiswrapper wasn't going to be maintained, however it's current state I
feel is inapropriate.


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On 01/02/10 23:43, Manuel Tuthill wrote:

> A: rpmforge know it’s broken and don’t care.
> B: rpmforge don’t know it’s broken so I should tell them.
> C: I’m doing it wrong “my Linux is bad perhaps I should go back to
> D: My hardware is broken.

Well. I can not recall having seen a detailed report on what might be
wrong. Assuming things and not telling is the best way to block a road.
No one is getting anywhere that way.


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