[users] spamass-milter patch.

Steven Haigh netwiz at crc.id.au
Thu Feb 11 18:12:30 CET 2010

Hi guys,

I've been fighting with spamass-milter to allow it to just accept SMTP AUTH connections and skip the spam filtering etc etc... Looks like this isn't possible with the current spamass-milter package on RF...

A simple patch is to change insert the following:

  if (smfi_getsymval (ctx, "{auth_type}") != NULL)  {
    return SMFIS_ACCEPT;

After this bit of code in spamass-milter.cpp to create:

mlfi_envfrom(SMFICTX* ctx, char** envfrom)
  SpamAssassin* assassin;
  struct context *sctx = (struct context *)smfi_getpriv(ctx);
  char *queueid;

  if (smfi_getsymval (ctx, "{auth_type}") != NULL)  {
    return SMFIS_ACCEPT;

  if (sctx == NULL)
    debug(D_ALWAYS, "smfi_getpriv failed!");
    return SMFIS_TEMPFAIL;
  /* debug(D_ALWAYS, "ZZZ got private context %p", sctx); */

Have run this for the last couple of hours with good results. It'd be great to see this in the RF package.

Steven Haigh

Email: netwiz at crc.id.au
Web: http://www.crc.id.au
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