[users] Problems with Deluge under Centos 5.4 X64

William E. Pflum Jr. isspecialist at admoyer.com
Thu Feb 11 21:33:52 CET 2010

I was running a Centos 5.4 32 bit system and Deluge, installed through Yum,
worked flawlessly.  Now I've switched to a 64 bit version of Centos and
cannot get Deluge to work at all.  I get the gui to come up but if I add a
torrent to download it goes through the motions but nothing shows up in the
window.  If I try to add the torrent again I get a duplicate torrent error
unless I stop and restart Deluge then I can add the torrent again without
the error but still not actually downloading.  If I run Deluge from a
command line I'll see ' Raising error: No such unique_ID' a couple of times
when I add a torrent.  


Any ideas why this is happening???



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