[users] Problems with Deluge under Centos 5.4 X64

Nicolas Thierry-Mieg Nicolas.Thierry-Mieg at imag.fr
Thu Feb 11 23:20:18 CET 2010

William E. Pflum Jr. wrote:
> I was running a Centos 5.4 32 bit system and Deluge, installed through
> Yum, worked flawlessly. Now I’ve switched to a 64 bit version of Centos
> and cannot get Deluge to work at all. I get the gui to come up but if I
> add a torrent to download it goes through the motions but nothing shows
> up in the window. If I try to add the torrent again I get a duplicate
> torrent error unless I stop and restart Deluge then I can add the
> torrent again without the error but still not actually downloading. If I
> run Deluge from a command line I’ll see ‘ Raising error: No such
> unique_ID’ a couple of times when I add a torrent.
> Any ideas why this is happening???

I can confirm that deluge x86_64 doesn't show torrents 
that are added, parts of the GUI are broken (though deluge does seem to 

I remember that at some point it did work, so I just tried downgrading 
to deluge- and that seems to solve the problem 
for me.

I guess deluge might require a newer version of something?

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