[users] linkchecker update

Ben bda20+rpmforge at cam.ac.uk
Mon Feb 22 15:35:47 CET 2010

On Mon, 22 Feb 2010, Steve Huff wrote:

> On Feb 22, 2010, at 4:03 AM, Ben wrote:
>> Thoughts?
> 1) look at the linkchecker source tree (in particular, look at the 
> changelog and the bug tracker to find out exactly which commit fixed 
> whatever issue you're seeing) and see if you can backport the fix to 
> version 4.9, then send the patch to this list and we'll include it in our 
> package

I'll extract some useful information from the web team on that score.  If 
you have any rocks which need transfusions I'll also have a go at that, too. 
Whether I can write a decent patch is another matter.

> 2) contact the linkchecker developers, explain why 5.x is not a viable 
> option for you, and ask them to backport the fix

If I can do the above with regard to information retrieval this'll be my 
first option.

> 3) use a different link checking program

Is it possible to have a mule made out of rock?

> all of those options seem (to me) to be less painful than maintaining a 
> parallel Python.

Whilest I agree with you wholeheartedly, the server in question upon which 
we have linkchecker is on one of our limited access VLANs inside of our 
firewall so the risk to it is at least a little less than for a machine out 
in the wild.  It also only has a couple of user accounts on it with the 
server set up not to allow SSH access except from one or two internal IPs. 
I'm assuming that the IUS guys keep their python26 packages up to date with 
security fixes to some degree so, in consultation with the management the 
amount of risk involved in installing a second version of Python not 
supported by RH is deemed acceptable.

Of course, if we can get a patched linkchecker 4.9 package we'll go back to 
that (-:

Thanks to everyone for their help and comments.  I'll be in touch via 
whatever method I'm supposed to submit things if I get some joy from the 
LinkChecker developer(s).

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