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Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Fri Jun 4 11:23:07 CEST 2010

On Fri, 4 Jun 2010, David Hrbáč wrote:

> Dne 4.6.2010 9:36, Dag Wieers napsal(a):
>> On Fri, 4 Jun 2010, Yury V. Zaytsev wrote:
>> Yes, I want git too !
>> It shouldn't be hard to move to git, but we have to first make sure that
>> everyone knows how to use git (I haven't used it myself either) and
>> convert the current data to git so we retain the versioning history.
>> I can use the system at Hetzner for this, which is a KVM host with a few
>> guests. Later we can migrate it to somewhere else.
> Guys, well, let me repeat myself. I guess RPMForge is near clinical death.
> 1. repo is running
> 2. so huge, without sqlite
> 3. some packages are broken, huge portion unused/outdated
> 4. no buglist
> 5. no web commit viewer
> 6. no wiki
> 7. no build access
> 8. problems with mirrors
> 9. "single point of person", sorry Dag :o)
> 10. commit access is fine, but without build trigger etc., totally
> useless...
> 11. ...
> As to me shout out let's move to git solves nothing. We need to bring up
> solution which solves the points above. So let's use:
> 1. self-hosted trac environment
> 2. Google Code
> 3. http://gitorious.org
> 4. SourceForge
> 5. http://github.com/
> 6. ...

David, moving to git solves a very important point for me. An svn up takes 
a few minutes. Other operations are fairly slow as well.

We didn't spend any time on reviving RPMforge basicly because rpmrepo was 
going to surpasse it. I don't believe in that anymore, more people were 
involved, little progress was made. I can't blame anyone because I didn't 
contribute myself (although I did state I was not going to be able to help 
a lot beyond what I was already doing).

Since Matthias, who owns the rpmforge.net domain doesn't want us to use it 
and since I don't believe rpmrepo is going anywhere I needed a new domain 
name, which I registered as repoforge.org (close enough to RPMforge, and 
we can keep the rf tag) so we can finally have a proper name for the 
repository location, for mirrors, and other infrastructure.

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