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Dag Wieers dag at wieers.com
Thu Nov 18 17:07:43 CET 2010


RPMforge is a third-party repository for RHEL, CentOS and Scientific 
Linux. It provides add-on RPM packages that increase functionality and 
productivity for both Server and Desktop based environments.

Here is a summary of changes that recently happened to RPMforge.

  = RPMforge provides Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 packages

    With the advent of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6, RPMforge provides many
    packages built specifically for RHEL6.

  = RPMforge now consists of more than one repository:

      + rpmforge - packages that _do not_ replace base packages
                   (eg. nagios, wine, vlc, xine, mpg123, ...)
      + rpmforge-extras - newer packages that _do_ replace base packages
                          (eg. lftp, rsync, subversion, ...)
      + rpmforge-testing - alternative test packages
                           (eg. wine-1.3.x, ...)
      + rpmforge-buildtools - packages required for building RPMforge pkgs
                              (eg. bison, make, rpm-macros-rpmforge, ...)

    For convenience, packages belonging to one of the above repositories
    are tagged respectively with rf, rfx, rft and rfb distribution tags.

    This change can result today in unresolved dependencies that did not
    happen in the past (mostly regarding perl packages). In case you have
    such a problem, please report those to one of our mailinglists.

    Users that in the past used RPMforge without special measures to
    protect base packages (yum protectbase or priorities plugins) are
    advised to enable rpmforge-extras once, to update to rfx-tagged
    packages. Afterwards include only those packages with a seperate
    includepkgs= statement in the .repo file.

  = DKMS packages for RHEL5 have been removed

    RPMforge is working closely together with ELRepo, another third-party
    repository specialized in kernel modules (drivers and kernel-related
    functionality). Since their kmod RPM packages are using a modern
    replacement for DKMS that in many situations are superior to DKMS, we
    see no need in providing DKMS packages (especially since they have not
    been maintained for some time).

    Users that have been using DKMS packages from RPMforge on RHEL5 are
    invited to migrate to ELRepo. For more information regarding ELRepo,
    please visit their website at:


In case of questions, please resort to the RPMforge mailinglist at:


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