[suggest] Update of libtheora, libvorbis, x264 and dependent products

Grant Street grants at al.com.au
Mon Nov 29 07:35:20 CET 2010


I know this may be nontrivial but I'm happy to help.

I'm in the process of creating a custom ffmpeg based on 0.6.1 but there 
are a few dependancies that have to be updated.

The three main ones I've found so far are
libvorbis ( I was able to get a newer version from atrpms)
libtheora ( I was able to get a newer version from atrpms)
x264 ( the sticky one)

x264 has a library libx264.so.68 that is required by mplayer, 
libquicktime, vlc and of course ffmpeg.

I can't compile ffmpeg 0.6.1 because the header file in 
/usr/include/x264.h is not compatible. I can't install a newly created 
x264-devel rpm because it requires a new x264 which can't be updated 
because the  libx264.so.68 is required ....

So before I go through uninstalling vlc,mplayer, libquicktime, ffmpeg 
and recompiling them all, I was wondering if I could help you guys, talk 
about caveats or should I go it alone.



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